Thursday, May 24, 2012


The heavy rain continued the next morning, so the morning ride was cancelled leaving us the time to enjoy more of this beautiful town. Six of us decided to go to the museum in the old castle, or what was left of it. Only one wing remained of the original structure, a part with the kitchen - the rest having been destroyed by the invading Tartars.
The old well, or a replicate of it, remained in the courtyard.
A part of the main floor was devoted to displays of life in past centuries. This the living area of a typical home,
With one corner of the room housing the kitchen, another the sleeping area.
I liked these figures showing typical dress of the time.
Living on the edge of the river, fishing was an important occupation. I am sure it wasn't easy in this dugout boat and these fish traps.
There was also a section of very old tools and instruments. These scissors took my eye. I don't think I ever noticed a pair this old in a museum before.
I particularly enjoyed a room turned over to jewelry made of flint found in the area. Flint is a form of sedimentary rock found in limestone, theorized to have formed 150 million years ago due to the decay of huge colonies of sponges in the Jurassic Sea. Silicon dioxide, released during the decomposition process built concentric layers around a central crystal. The stone makes lovely muted jewelry.
There was also a section with silver etc from what I assumed belonged to the castle. My eye particularly went to this exquisite piece created from a nautilus shell.
Though the true bikers biked in the afternoon, I opted out as it was still raining lightly, and I was cold, not having the proper gear. I have to admit I was sorry, as the weather cleared, and those that went had a good time. But the family that owned the hotel had a lot of plans for that evening. First was a mead tasting. Mead is made from honey (the nectar of the gods) and Poland, not having the right climate for vineyards makes drinks from honey- delicious!!
Next on the agenda was a cooking demonstration. Using fresh apples from local orchards, and an old family recipe we were to make a traditional dessert. Russ was a great apple peeler,
As was Alan.
Ron mixed the ingredient for the dough.
Chuck helped with the kneading.
Susan oversaw the assemble by Hal of the final product, and we all assisted in some fashion and had a good time.
When dinner was ready and all were seated at this beautiful table,
We were served our creations along with a wonderful dinner. AND three glasses of three varieties of mead!! It made believers of all of us.

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