Monday, November 5, 2012


Leaving Beach Haven and heading north along the ocean road, we continued to see the effect of Hurricane Sandy,
The street in front of this older cedar shake shingled home had been torn into pieces.
These new homes, though obviously cleans up somewhat, were still littered with pieces of breakaway siding that had done just that when the ocean came through.
These garage doors at least released the ocean water, but I wondered how much damage had been done inside before they did so.
We encountered at least 3 news vans recording Sandy's aftermath to be shown of TV's news programs later in the day.
And trucks trying to clear out the sand clogged storm drains,
Brant Beach's recent beach replenishment had done its job. The street and houses here were free of sand and damage, but the new dunes themselves had been eroded to half their former size.
Ship Bottom, however without the added dune protection had many areas with water damage like Beach Haven.
As we approached Surf City we again realized how very fortunate we were. Gas company and electric company trucks were lined up taking a rest after hours of work.
Back home on our street, sand was still being trucked in to added to our beach entrance and dunes.
As the sun began to set, the work continued. There is another big storm coming later this week, not a hurricane, thank goodness but a strong nor'easter can be bad too.

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