Saturday, November 3, 2012


When we first began getting reports of Hurricane Sandy - dubbed potentially as "The Perfect Storm", I decided to get some photos as it progressed if I could. I began 2 day ahead when the sky was blue and the surf was beginning to pick up.
This view from our friends on the ocean front always captures my attention.
The goldenrod was still in bloom on the dunes and made a nice contrast for the empty white beach.
As the waves increased in size, the condition were very enticing for this kite surfer. He spent many hours riding the waves in and out again.
The next day, the wind began to pick up blowing the dune grasses,
And the ocean began to churn into a white froth.
All of the outdoor furniture had been put away, and the houses on the beach had taped windows in the hope that it would add some added protection from the wind.
Early this morning things were a bit different on the beach at the end of our street. The dune fence was mostly gone and the debris was piling up at the water's edge.
Walkways that previously ended on the wide beach now ended in the water.
The ocean was very angry.
The dune grass was in danger of being awash.
The boulevard at the other end of our street was already underwater, and rising rapidly.
We are fortunate to be at a high point of our island. Two miles to the south in Brant Beach the boulevard is already under 2 feet of water, and there is no way to get off now. P.S. As I close this post for the day we have had many calls from concerned good friends to whom we are eternally grateful. The reports continue to change. The latest is the dunes in Beach Haven have been breached and the storm has been upgraded to a category 2. We still have electricity and heat and are in good shape - thus far - but it will be a rough night that is for sure.

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