Sunday, November 11, 2012


As if Hurricane Sandy wasn't enough, Mother Nature added a nor'easter as icing on the cake.
Our beach and dunes were looking pretty good with all the hard work of the beach tractor crews.
In preparation for the coming storm they doubled their efforts, and the piles of sand got larger.
The rain and sleet started in the late afternoon, and ice began to build up on our windows.
The next morning the ocean was angry again, throwing its spray onto the beach.
The waves began to attack the new dunes at high tide.
But fortunately the storm was not long lasting, and the next day the sun came back out and the tractors were removed.
In the evening after sunset, a soft glow colored the receding water on the newly scoured beach.
Saturday the governor finally lifted the mandatory evacuation order, homeowners were allowed to return to the island, and we were able to get off to shop and retrieve our mail, held for two weeks at the Tuckerton post office. We were finally able to see a bit of the damage done on the entrance road to the island. Billboards, if still standing were reduced to a fraction of their former size.
Beach Haven West sustained considerable damage from the high tides. Only a very small bit was visible as we sped by.
This was only one of many boats that was deposited on the marshes and on the highway by Sandy.
Back in Surf City I spied another sign that said it all.

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