Saturday, November 3, 2012


November dawned bright and clear with the promise of a good day.
Climbing to the top deck of a neighbor's house I could see my husband looking out at the ocean from a lower vantage point.
After breakfast, not being able to get to Beach Haven where his boat is (or was) we decided to drive down to Hochstrasser's Marina where he kept an earlier boat, to see how it fared the storm. Parking and rounding the corner of the building, the first thing we saw was a boat, still attached at the bow by lines to the dock pilings, but with its stern and motor into the building above.
While standing there marveling at the sight, I noticed this flock of cormorants getting out of "dodge" as fast as they could.
The marina's dock was in shambles.
Some of the smaller boats were upset down in this normally well protected area.
In the yard boats that had been pulled before the storm were off of their blocks and jumbled together.
At home we walked up the street for another look at the ocean on this otherwise beautiful day.
As always it was a restful, yet invigorating view.
Hearing a lot of commotion at boulevard at the end of out street (something different than the continuing sound of helicopters and small planes) we walked down to investigate. It was an army of electric trucks, fire engines and police cars.
Having stopped to talk to to electricians earlier in the day, we were hoping the activity meant we might have electricity in our house soon. The gas had been turned off the day before in preparation, so besides being dark at home, except for candles it was now getting very cold.
Help had come from Alabama - and as one of our firemen said "these southerners really know how to work".
Arkansas had also send help, and this gentleman was happy to let me take his photo with the very attractive daughter of Police Chief Collins, Sara. We got electricity later that night, and TV. We are finally able to see what this monster storm has done to the Northeast - and get on the internet!! As I write this blog we are getting warmer too through the generosity of good friends who have loaned us electric heaters, and an incredible neighbor who picked them up and brought them to the island entrance, closed to everyone but officials at this time, and delivered to our home by our friendly police (now that they have stopped trying to get us to evacuate and accepted our presence). Thank you all, we are forever in your debt!!

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Sandy Sandy said...

WOW!! What a trip! Great shots and editorial! I will pass along!! So glad everything is working out for you guys!
Hugs, Sandy