Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It has been more than 3 weeks since Super-storm Sandy did such devastation to the Eastern seaboard, and I am still adding posts and photos to my blog from Long Beach Island, NJ. We stayed at our home during the storm, confident that we would be fine in the home my parents originally built in 1938, and we remodeled 17 years ago. It had weathered all storms in the past, including the devastating '44 Hurricane - and it was a long way to Colorado where we spend our winters. Again we were blessed with no damage, except loss of some services which have since been restored. Not so for many other areas. Yesterday we finally drove through Beach Haven West, a community to the south adjacent to the causeway to the island and where for the past two years we have enjoyed playing bridge with many new friends.

As we turned off of the causeway to enter Beach Haven West I was able to snap a distant picture of a few of the boats still by the trees where they had been deposited by the storm weeks ago.

The devastation was obvious as soon as we turned into the first street.

Piles and piles of debris still remained at the curbside waiting for pick up.

Mixed among the lumber and bags of wet insulation were items of furniture.

Sofas and mattresses that had become wet in the floods were being disposed of as the mildew took over.

Street after street was filled with curbside deposits of peoples lives.

And boats and trucks were added to the debris left by Sandy in some yards. It was hard to view this let alone photograph it. How much we have to be thankful for.

Back on the island, going home we drove the roads near the bay. Things weren't much different there, except for the quantity.
The clean up for Super Sandy is going to take a long time and a huge amount of money. And other areas further north are much worse.
At the end of our driveway I noticed that Oakie's Bull had acquired a "dunce cap" - a reminder , I guess that even a bull was not strong enough to withstand Sandy's power.

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