Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Our first full day of biking in Hungary proved to be a memorable experience to say the least. As we left the Hedervary castle it was raining hard and the wind was blowing. No matter which way we went it seemed we were going up-wind, except when it hit us from the side and almost blew us over. It was a bit like riding on Long Beach Island in a gale, which I never want to do. I foolishly did not bring a real waterproof jacket, and was soon soaked to the skin and very cold. We stopped in a little market and got a trash bag which I donned over my soaked windbreaker. I think we passed quaint little villages but taking pictures was the last thing on my mind - all I wanted to do was get the ride over with.

When we got to the town of Puski, the one before our proposed picnic lunch, our guides made a change of plans and decided to try to find a restaurant that would allow us wet, bedraggled bunch of bikers to enter.

Of course I looked much worse in my "garbage bag" rain outfit.

While waiting I took this picture of a church in and center of town

And this one of an outside vegetable display at the corner produce market.

Jan, one of our guides and Kevin, the VBT employee who put the trip together had a serious discussion about the weather.

Jan & Susie discuss our options for lunch.

Mine was a delicious salad which I had to photograph.

Leaving the restaurant for the van I snapped this photo of the wet street.

Nine of us opted for a warm ride back to our hotel rather the continuing in the rain. But the adventure didn't stop there. Hitting a large pot hole, the van came to a stop, and wouldn't start again, so a taxi had to be called to complete our ride. Later the problem was found to be a dislodged fuse.

That evening, back in the castle, showered, dry and warm things took a definite upturn. We had a "palinka" tasting in the wine cellar.

Palinka is the Hungarian version of Grapa, almost pure alcohol made with various fruit flavors.

We got to taste 8 different flavors, poured into glasses with this measuring bulb on the end of the spout. The party got very lively!

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