Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Leaving our hotel in Hungary by bike this morning we crossed the bridge across the Danube, back into Slovakia and another adventure.

We road by houses with vegetable gardens in front yards,

water filled fields and the Danube overflowing it banks,

and this very appropriate sign to a small town where a man on the street yelled something to us as we passed. Not knowing the language we waved merrily and continued on.

The poppies by the side of the road were in full bloom.

Before long we encountered some of our fellow travelers off their bikes standing by the side of the road.

The reason, we soon found was that the road ahead was under water! Our only option, other than going back to our hotel was to carry our bikes across the mud on the side of the road -

and to bushwhack across the field to get around the road washout.

We finally got back to the road, past the washout, and continued on to the ferry,

Which transported us back across the Danube to Hungary.

We biked through the town of Visegrad and up the hill (slowly for me) to Nemeti Park where a wonderful lunch was waiting.

In the park the the forest was lush and the streams were full and running rapidly downhill.

As we descended back down the hill after lunch we saw the devastation done by the water. Many homes had lost the driveways and bridges.

Since most of us opted out of the long afternoon ride, which again had to be changed because of the flooding, we took the bus back to our hotel in Esztergom.

At the restaurant that night in an excellent restaurant courtesy of VBT the Hungarian trainees, Chaba and Susie were still smiling despite another day of problems that required route changes.

As was everyone, including our youngest member, Heidi who would shortly be maid of honor at her friend's wedding in Poland.

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