Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Changing out of our biking clothes, we hurried out to the end of our hotel street where a fair was in full swing. The booths and mobs of people stretched for blocks.

There were craftsmen, such as this wood carver -

People dressed in traditional Hungarian costumes,

Young girls dancing to Hungarian music,

And food of all varieties being prepared.

At Heroes' Square a few blocks away and celebration culminated with the horse races. Sand had been brought in by the truckload to create a racing track and each little village brought their best horse and rider to the competition.

The band played, and horses raced,

and the crowd cheered the competitors.

The officials in full dress paraded aroung the track between races.

And the winners of each heat enjoyed their victory lap.

We stayed as long as we could to watch the activities and returned to our room to get ready for the "farewell dinner" in our hotel that evening. It was wonderful meal, with delicious, smaller proportions - a rare thing in Hungary we had found.

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