Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We left Skanzen on our bikes in the early afternoon and followed our direction towards Szentendre town, managing to get lost at the bottom of the hill. However our guide, Jan found the 4 of us there and to keep us on the straight and narrow led us the rest of the way.
Szentendre is a picturesque little town along the Danube that has attracted artists since early in the 20th century.

We had some lunch at an outside cafe -

Where I had the pleasure of playing with this cute little boy at the table behind us. Fortunately his parents spoke some English so we could communicate.

We then had time to walk through the town on its main cobblestone street,

And have an ice cream at the ever present ice cream shop.

We met the rest of the group for a visit to the "Old Goat Art Gallery" - a name perhaps more appropriate than we would like to believe.

As we exited the shop after a nice visit, this monstrosity of a motorbike came by, and I grabbed a photo.

Gathering on the wall by the water to get our bikes for the ride back to Budapest, several of us including Chuck and me decided on a ride back by van, as there was more we wanted to experience that day.

And so we arrived at our hotel well rested.

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