Sunday, July 25, 2010


Just before returning to Colorado we were invited to a very nice dinner party at our friend home, aptly named Sanderosa. Sandy Sandy is an accomplished artist and photographer, and Jerry Farley an equally accomplished mechanic who also creates works of art from odds and ends.

This whimsical cat is only one of Jerry's many creatures.

Besides caring for her two horses and bevy of cats, Sandy finds the time to keep a dozen hummingbird feeders filled for the large flock of Ruby-throated hummingbirds that return each year.

But their generosity doesn't stop there. Jerry buys old corn from local farmers to feed their other visitors.

This doe, one of the early arrivals, enjoyed her treat as evidenced by the corn silk still hanging from her mouth.

She was followed shortly by many of her friends.

Including these two young bucks.


Spiritartartist said...

WOW Sally, Great pictures! Thanks for featuring us on your blog. ~ Sandy, Jerry and the Critters :-D

Tracy Stevens said...

Beautiful pictures, Sally!

-Tracy (Shaver) Stevens