Wednesday, July 21, 2010


On a beautiful morning, our first out of Budapest, we had another welcome change of plans.

Instead of riding our bikes, we boarded vans to travel to our first stop, leaving our guides to follow us with the bikes.

We went to Skanzan - a beautiful place similar to our Williamsburg, where old houses were transported from different parts of Hungary and reconstructed.

We rode our bikes around the villages, stopping at various displays, such as this old farmhouse,

Which had this wooden wheel and gears to a mill displayed in the barn.

There were thatched roof cottages with people dressed in period costumes.

This one little girl proved shy about my taking her picture, until her mother came out to give me assistance.

The delicious aroma of gingerbread brought us to this cottage where a woman was baking cookies in this old style stove.

Outside the cottage the cookies were being artfully decorated by another volunteer.

Near these stone cottages we stopped at the bee-keepers house,

And got to taste different kinds of honey from this lovely couple who helped tend the bees.

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