Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The rain continues!! Peaking out our window at 5 AM we had the false illusion that the weather might break, but we left on our bikes from Hedevar in the rain if not quite the downpour of yesterday. We biked mainly on bike paths through Dunaszeg to the town of Gyor. There we met the van on the cobblestone street by the Danube where we left our bikes. We had time to explore the town before the bus ride to lunch and a cooking demonstration in Neszmely.

Even on a rainy day checking out the local ice cream shop is a good idea.

The people here must be used to this type of weather. Dresses were on display outside shops properly encased in plastic. In another nice sporting good store, Chuck bought me a red North Face rain jacket to make up for my packing deficiency. It would get good use.

The town itself was beautifully restored and maintained. Even in the rain the city hall was sparking white.

Walking back to the Danube to board the bus, I spotted these boats on the swollen river, and the statue of a part horse part sea creature on a spit of land.

We were greeted in Neszmely by the lovely owners and staff of the farm, dressed in traditional dress. We watched the baking of the bread, which we enjoyed as an appetizer with honey.

The Strudel demonstration began with the stretching of the dough by hand to the size of a card table. (Not an easy job! When we tried to do it ours looked more like Swiss cheese.)

The dough was then sprinkled with oil, poppy seeds, sugar and finally sour, seeded cherries. It was then rolled, placed in a pan and baked in the brick oven.

Lunch was served, the traditional Hungarian stew served in puffed pastry, a salad with chicken baked in the oven and strudel for desert. Eating like this would make us weigh 300 pounds.

Due to excessive mud and water on the bike paths, we all rode on the bus to Esztergom and the Hotel Bazilike alatt Panzio (hotel under the Basilica), our home for the next two nights.

Settling into our room quickly we had time to explore the town, and as we passed the remains of the fort on the hill the sun came our briefly.

Town center, thought almost deserted on a late rainy afternoon was still charming and colorful, with little shops closed for the night.

In the street the manhole covers were the most beautiful I have seen.

Again the sun came out momentarily to light up a row of houses as we searched for a place to get a small bite to eat for supper. Small is difficult to find in Hungary!

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