Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Our last day with our wonderful guides began and ended with a ride through the city of Budapest. Having never ridden a bike in a city before I was a bit apprehensive, but I found it a safe and enjoyable experience. There were bike paths along most of the major streets and the Hungarian drivers, being used to bike traffic were courteous and gave us a wide birth.

We all gathered in front of the beautiful Parliament building for a group photo.

And stopped in front of the "Little Princess" to listen to Susi give us information about the sights.

Back at the hotel, after turning in our bikes and equipment , Chuck and I decided to change out of biking clothes for the last time, and walk back to Danube for another look. It was a longer walk than we expected.

In Central Pest, the side of the river where our hotel was as opposed to Buda,on the other side of the Danube, we passed St Steven's Basilica
Reaching the Edge of the Danube, we saw buildings and traffic lights half submerged in the brown water. (The beautiful "blue" Danube wasn't blue at this time.)

Walking along the unused railroad track by the water, we saw these two "bouncing" walkers. When I asked for a photo, they were very accommodating.

After some refreshment we decided to take the subway back to our hotel and it too was a treat. It was over 100 years old, but nothing like the Philadelphia subways that I remember. It was fast, clean and efficient - in fact you had better be prepared to exit in a hurry, or you would finurself at the next stop - which we did.

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