Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our favorite inhabitant of our garden is no doubt the praying mantis. When watering the flowers my husband is amused how these little creatures, even when no bigger than an inch or two, stand up on their hind legs in attack position and dare you to get them wet. We always try to avoid them.

While watering, one morning I spied this one sitting on a flower and apparently eating something - so I ran in to get my camera and a macro lens.

By the time I got him focused he was already well along in devouring a fly that he had caught.

He turned his head and gave me the evil eye - a warning not to try to take his prize from him.

Since I didn't appear to threaten him, he continued his meal, removing the wings which I guess are not the fly's tastiest or most nourishing part.

So I left him in peace to finish his breakfast - knowing that was one fly that wouldn't bite me.

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